Oasis withdraw

The Oasis Learning Trust withdrawal was covered by the Bristol Evening Post.

The event was also reported in the Frome Valley Voice.

Survey hand-in

Michael Yong has a story in the Bristol Evening Post which covers our visit to WIA to congratulate students and hand in out survey.

School league table

Every year the Sunday Times publishes a league table of state secondary schools order by GCSE and A-level results.

Of schools in the Bristol after three make it into the top 250, including Winterbourne International Academy. Reported by the Bristol Evening Post.


The Bristol Evening Post carries a report on Saturday morning’s demonstration. There’s a short video, photos and a clutch of quotes from those present.

Early on Saturday morning students Caitlin and George spoke Ali Vowles’ program on Radio Bristol. You can listen to them them on iPlayer. They appear, so to speak, at 1:12:20.

YouTube blogger and ex-WIA student Ciara Hillyer made this video report.

The Bristol Cable has a report about the demonstration.

Financial notice to improve

The Bristol Evening Post reports on the news that The Ridings Federation has been issued with a “financial notice to improve”. This will have a major impact on the Trust’s ability to operate their schools.

Response to our petition

Micheal Yong at the Bristol Evening Post reports the tremendous response there’s been to our petition. The report also includes background details on the whole situation.

Recent progress

The Gazette reports on the recent statement by locals MPs, includes additional comment by the teachers’ union rep.

About the launch meeting

The aftermath of the open meeting about the future of Winterbourne International Academy rightfully generated alot of interest in the media.

There’s a thorough report in the Gazette. It paints an accurate picture of discontent at the meeting with how the Academy has been run over previous years and hears fears that Oasis will only make things worse.

Local news outline The Bristol Cable have an excellent report of the meeting covering details missed elsewhere.

BBC local news online reported on the meeting too. They concentrated on the confusion around how the school has come to be in this position. It notes that the current board of the Ridings Federations welcomes the attention of Oasis despite widespread disagreement among parents, students and staff.

Parents and officials also spoke on the local BBC television News and on the radio about their disappointment with now the situation is being handled and their fears about the future of WIA in a large academy group.

About re-brokering

An article on the BBC website reports that sponsors have lost control of 119 academies.

It notes that re-brokering is one of the few tools available to RSCs and acknowledges “it was also disruptive and expensive and affected the children at the school.” We know this well.

In an article on the schoolweek website the Department Of Education admits the stagger cost of re-brokering. This information wasn’t easily obtained.

“The department was ordered to reveal how much it paid new academy sponsors to takeover failing schools after a 12-month legal battle concluded in favour of transparency campaigners.

The resulting freedom of information response was released to campaigner Janet Downs, from the Local Schools Network, yesterday.”