Focused inspection

In March 2015 Ofsted did a “Focused inspection of Oasis multi-academy trust”. The summary letter can be found on the government’s web site. It has reported in the national papers: Ofsted lambasts Oasis.

In the summary findings Ofsted said:

“The trust’s academies have a variable record of improvement. While some have improved or sustained effective performance, too many academies have not improved quickly enough. A legacy of weak challenge and insufficiently systematic or rigorous improvement work has resulted in slow or little improvement for nearly half the academies.”


“Across the trust, some groups of pupils do not achieve well. Disadvantaged pupils, particularly boys, make significantly less progress than their peers nationally.”

This is an area of concern at all schools. It does not need to be made worse in Winterbourne.

Ofsted also said

“Recently introduced systems and processes show, as yet, limited impact on improved outcomes for pupils. […] However, there is no evidence of an overall strategy or plan that focuses on these particular issues.”


“The trust makes good use of its strongest leaders. However, there is limited leadership capacity within the trust and this slows progress, when, for example, a Regional Academy Director has to act as an Executive Principal in addition to their other role. ”

It should be noted that the Regional Academy Director in question has now left the chain and six month later the position is still being advertised.

Threats of closure

In January this year Oasis Academy Wintringham was threatened with closure because “The standards of performance of pupils […] are unacceptably low”.

You can read the full letter from the Department of Education to the Oasis Learning Trust on the governments web site.

In September this year Oasis Academy Skinner Street just avoided termination. You can read the removal of pre-warning letter and the original warning letter which detail Oasis’ failures.

Not a glittering history of success.