One of the most effective ways of making your voice heard is to write to the officials in positions of power. A letter or e-mail might not seem like much but every extra voice helps. Most people try to do the right thing but sometimes you need to tell them what that is!

There are some example letters linked at the bottom of this page.

Who to contact in the schools system

The Regional Schools commissioner for the South West region is Rebecca Clark. She deals with all academies on behalf of the Department Of Education.

Justine Greening MP is Secretary of State for Education

Lord Nash is Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the School System. He doesn’t publish an individual email address but you can direct letters to the House of Lords who should forward them.

Nick Gibb MP is Minister of State for School Standards

Sir David Carter is the National Schools Commissioner. If you have a Twitter account you can send him a (short) message.


Local politicians

Your local MP, MEP (Member of the European Parliament) and local councillors work to represent your views. They should attempt to investigate and influence this process on your behalf.

In the Winterbourne area your MP is either Jack Lopresti or Luke Hall. If you’re not sure you can enter your postcode at and it will tell you.

There are many local councillors in the area. For contact details please check one of these two websites.


There are many great journalists locally who are instested in the situation at WIA. For example:

The Yate and Sodbury Voice

The Downend Voice

At the BBC


The excellent Bristol Cable

Bristol Evening Post journalist

Example letters

These are letters that parents at WIA have already sent. It’s always best to write what you think in your own words – duplicate letter carry much less weight – but these may provide inspiration.

Example letter to the Secretary of State

Example letter urging transparency

Example letter to national politicians

Example letter To Luke Hall