The Ridings Federation is required to consult with stakeholders as part of the process of re-brokering. That means us. The results are supposed to be passed on to the Regional Schools Commissioner to aid them making their decision.

Today we saw what form this consultation has taken: an ridiculously short online survey. It consists of only three questions: whether you’re a parent or staff, a list of priorities of how a MAT might improve WIA and YIA, and a box for other areas of improvement.

Many people have told us how hard it is to answer properly – so much to say in so little space. It is obviously designed to NOT allow people to say what they think.

This is clearly inadequate.

Our suggestion for how to answer

If you find the survey stops you saying what you really want to say, we suggest doing something like this:

Tick the correct box for whether you’re a parent or staff at WIA or YIA.

Ignore question two, it won’t force you to give answers.

For question three say something like:

I would like to see improvements in transparency and Communication with all stakeholders.

If re-brokerage process cannot be revoked then my preference for a replacement MAT would be CSET and Olympus Trust. I consider this a better match because they are not only closer geographically but they are potentially better aligned with our school ethos, values and success ratings.

I say NO TO OASIS as Oasis academies show a poor overall performance in comparison. According to an Ofsted report into the chain in 2015 – 17/32 were inadequate or required improvement.

Please also see the petition linked below which shows an overwhelming preference for Olympus and CSET.