Consultation is a two-way process.  Many parents were appalled by the school’s effort at a questionnaire this week and felt let down.  So it’s just as well we constructed and circulated our own questionnaire. The responses show a depth of feeling and enthusiasm for the school which the trust’s survey didn’t even begin to consider.

Every response counts

We will deliver our questionnaires and petitions to the trust in due course. They have a responsibility to pass all feedback on to the Regional Schools Commissioner as part of the re-brokering process. There will be more than they expected!

What you said

Here is a flavour of community feedback to the Trustees, Regional School Commissioners, National Commissioner for Education and the Secretary of State for Education:

My grandson attends Winterbourne International Academy, and I want his school to be run by a body which has no religious agenda and is fully accountable to the community it serves. Oasis MAT meets neither of these criteria.

Lack of transparency of information from the trustees and their intent to proceed in a direction without the support or input from parents, pupils, teachers and community is unacceptable.

This is a high attaining school with fantastic teachers and students who have been let down by poor leadership and management. They deserve the right to be consulted and have a say in the future of their school.

The teachers at the school work their hardest to motivate the students and bring out the very best in them, I received some amazing GCSE results due to the help and support I received from the teachers, Oasis should not take over the school as it will ruin the hard work put in by the teachers.

Concerned with the lack of information being provided by the Trust, and the seemingly urgent need for Winterbourne International Academy to be subsumed into a larger Multi Academy Trust due to (as yet) unexplained financial issues…how will another trust resolve these alleged difficulties….the only way can be by cost reductions, meaning a reduced curriculum and less motivated faculty. .. Given the success of our school in exam results, and its place in the local area, its management being handed to another Trust largely based outside the area is counter-productive, and I would urge everyone to sign the petition – if we need to merge, let’s look to do it with a local organisation….thanks

Two of my grandchildren attend the school & I want their education managed by true educationalists & not by a private company motivated by profit

I have spent the last 6 wonderful years at WIA and I have always been proud to represent my school. However, after being informed about the potential risk of Oasis taking control of my school, I am fearful of how my and 2000 other students’ education will suffer. Our outstanding school deserves nothing but the best management and we will not receive this type of support and leadership if Oasis take control.

Schools should be protected, not sold to the highest bidder.