This Save Our School TRFWIA campaign is led by a group of concerned parents. We’re determined to obtain the best outcome for Winterbourne International Academy.

This post looks at what we’ve done so far, where the re-brokering process has got to and what there is left to do.

The public meeting

Things started with a public meeting organized by teachers and parents alarmed at the turn of events at WIA. We have a summary of the schools history here.

After this meeting a number of parents came forward to form a committee to see what we could do to achieve a positive outcome. In a very short space of time we have taken several actions.

The petition

We launched our petition only 4 days ago and the response has been phenomenal.  A review of the comments gives a clear snapshot of the school community’s concerns about the re-brokerage of Winterbourne International Academy.

At the time of writing, over 1,700 people have taken the time to express their concerns by signing up – THANK YOU!  


300 people came out of Saturday afternoon to support the school. Thank you all.

You can read our summary but both ITV and the Bristol Post reported it too.


The Ridings Federation Academy Trust’s dreadful attempt at a consultation prompted us to perform a survey of our own. You can read some of the comments on this site.

State of play today: still not happy

We found out today that TRFWIA has been included for the first time in the Sunday Times list of top 250 state schools in the country (all 3,000+ of them). No other school in South Gloucestershire was listed.  Bristol Cathedral Choir School and Wellsway were the only other two schools locally who made it into that list.  Not bad, eh?

Yet the school is still to be transferred to multi-academy trust. Is it any surprise that parents and students are shocked?

There remains a troubling lack of transparency and accountability regarding the alleged £1 million deficit. We have not been properly consulted during this process (a few emails, a “drop in session” and a skewed questionnaire do NOT cut it).

We still do not feel that the views of students, parents and teachers at this school have been afforded any proper consideration.

We took action to make our voices heard through widespread media coverage and PR opportunities for our local politicians. The MPs say they will help: they know we are waiting.

What happens next

There remains another week of due diligence by the trusts bidding to take over WIA and YIA. After that the decision, in principle, is in the hands of an RSC.

In theory there’s nothing we can do.

Staying involved

We intend to keep going.

We have a number of meeting and activities planned to keep the pressure on those who would take over our school against our wishes.

Keep an eye on this website and our Twitter feed!

What you can do

If you haven’t already signed the petition, please do that.

If you can, please write to the Ridings Federation Academies Trust and let them know what you think. They are required to pass all feedback on to the Regions Schools Commissioner before a decision is made.