Mr Haupt, Academy Principal at WIA spoke to students today about the re-brokering process. He explain to us what happened.

I explained briefly who the “Trust” are and their role in the Academy. I explained the main reasons why we are facing difficulty (ie the deficit, the lack of stable executive leadership, the need to get to Ofsted …Good and so on). I told the students about the three Trusts who have expressed an interest in joining us and that they would be looking closely at the Academies over the next few weeks (the “due diligence” period). Thereafter, I said that the three Trusts will be making presentations to our Trust in the week of the 5 December and that the final decision would be made, probably by the end of term, by the Department for Education. I mentioned that if students wanted to feedback, they would have do so in writing and hand it in to main reception. When I spoke to the 6th form, I had a bit more time available and so I answered a few questions from students. Without exception, the students listened intently and demonstrated the highest standards of conduct; they were excellent. The whole presentation was over in 6-7 minutes.

You can get find a feedback form here to print off and return to the school by the end of Wednesday.