On Wednesday we made sure the voices of hundreds of people will be heard when the government makes its decision about the future of WIA.

The Ridings Federation Academy Trust attempted to quiet the voices of parents, students and teachers by hiding what was going on and then making the official survey ridiculously restrictive. Despite this we have delivered the result of our survey, the results of our petition and the official complaint about Oasis to the trust so they form part of the feedback submitted to the review.

Congratulations first

We took the opportunity to present students from the school with our congratulations achieving such great result and making it on to the Sunday Times’ top 250 schools list.

We presented them with a balloons, cake, and a shiny trophy. We took photos to make sure the world knows about their success.

Handing in

We had a pre-booked meeting with principal Mr Haupt and were pleasantly surprised to see Trust Executive Assistant Suzaane Murfitt too.  We presented the survey snapshot analysis and hard copies of campaign survey and made it very clear that this was not the same as the school one.

Deputy head girl Emily Wilkins, who organised our online petition, gave us the petition printout, which we submitted. We made sure Suzzane Murfit was certain that want this feedback to be submitted as part of the review of proposals.

Suzie Wilkinson has asked that we also hand in her complaint about the religious nature of Oasis. We passed this to Suzanne Murfitt on Suzi’s behalf.

Suzanne Murfitt informed us that the Regional Schools Commissioners were very much of aware of opinion and were monitoring the petition daily. Our response to this was that until an commissioner is appointed we will be submitting regular updates on the campaign survey.

Exchange of views

We notified Mr Haupt that we as parents had also celebrated the Sunday Times 230 billing. To this we were told, he wished we had updated him first. We responded by saying we wish he had updated us about the re-brokerage process, the state of finance, and the notice to improve. Touché!

Suzanne Murfitt raised a concern that there were many rumours, myths, and mis-truths flying around about Clare Emery even though that she had been very open about her background and role. We explained our remit in the campaign is to share and cascade information, the majority of which is in the public domain. If other people  then chose to share an opinion we have no control over this.

We pointed out that had the trust shared information and been more transparent and open about the rationale for the changes then we could have all worked together to find the best solution. She advised us that the DFE restricted sharing certain information at certain times.

Another report

You can read a report of the event on the Bristol Evening Post’s website.