Save Our School TRFWIA

Parent driven campaign to prevent an unsuitable academy chain taking over Winterbourne International Academy


We are a parent led group created with the aim of prevents the Oasis Learning Trust from taking over our local senior school, Winterbourne International Academy in South Gloucestershire.

Until recently the Ridings Federation operated two local senior schools, one in Winterbourne and the other in Yate. Due to a series of missteps both are now being re-brokered. This means they will be taken over by another academy chain in a process controlled by the Department of Education.

Whilst questions remain about how this situation came about we believe that it is important to ensure the most positive outcome available.

There are only two candidate academy chains one of which is the Oasis Learning Trust. We believe that Oasis is an unsuitable chain to take over Winterbourne International Academy because:

  • their record of running academies is poor; only 2 of 44 reach even the national average;
  • their ability to supply leadership and drive improvement, as measured by Ofsted, is poor;
  • their reputation as an employer is poor;
  • all their schools are ‘faith’ schools, backed by an evangelical charity;
  • they are a huge national chain which will, be believe, reduce local involvement to the detriment of the school.