Save Our School TRFWIA

Parent driven campaign to prevent an unsuitable academy chain taking over Winterbourne International Academy

Example letter urging transparency

Dear ………..,

We are sure by now, with all the local press, that you have become aware of the situation with Winterbourne International Academy (WIA) and the issues surrounding the projected deficit and the re-brokerage of the academy to another Multi Academy Trust (MAT).

As parent’s of a student at Winterbourne International Academy(WIA), we are very concerned in the way parents, students and teachers have been treated. Our immediate concern is, that this process has already got to this point with out any consultation with parents, students and staff.

Last week we attended a meeting held by Claire Emery (The Chair of the Trustees of WIA). During this meeting it became apparent that not only had the re-brokerage plan already been set in place, but also that the most likely outcome was that Oasis Community Learning (OCL) would be the chosen trust to take over Winterbourne International Academy(WIA). Even though there has been interest by two other Multi Academy Trusts (MAT’s).

We believe this would be disastrous for Winterbourne International Academy (WIA). There are many well documented facts regarding Oasis Community Learning, currently out of 44 schools only 2 have achieved a Ofsted report of good!! so 42 are failing!! The thought of the school being taken over by a second rate, low achieving trust such as Oasis Community Learning (OCL) fills us with dread!

In addition there is clearly reasons to believe the Regional Schools Commissioner Rebecca Clark is unduly biased as she has only recently ceased to being a senior employee of Oasis Community Learning. She is also believed to be closely associated with Claire Emery (chair of trustees at WIA). Claire Emery although is in a voluntary position as chair of trustees at Winterbourne International Academy, her day job is Director of Emery Support Services for the Department of Education, surely this is a conflict of interest?

Regarding the projected deficit, there seems to be a lot of uncertainty around this and we feel that there should be an independent audit of all finances, and this made public.

Currently at Winterbourne International Academy, there is no Chief Executive Principal. The current Head Teacher -Mr Richard Haupt will be leaving in December 2016. This decision is now in the hands of Claire Emery, ( a volunteer!) who tells us she is being open and transparent, but clearly it has been proven that she is not!

We attended a meeting held last night by teachers of Winterbourne International Academy (22/11/16) and the teachers, parents and students are very clear that they do NOT want Oasis Community Learning Trust to take over. We also feel the best outcome for Winterbourne International Academy would be if the Olympus Trust with CSET would be the preferred better choice.

We also think that because of the lack of confidence and trust over this matter, that Claire Emery ( chair of trustees at WIA) should be removed from her post. We would like to register a vote of no confidence in her ability to continue in her current role, as she clearly can’t be trusted and we feel as though she hasn’t got Winterbourne International Academy’s best interests at heart.

We urge you to use your influences to ensure that the re-brokerage of Winterbourne International Academy is a fair, open and a transparent process and that the best outcome possible is met.

Kind Regards

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