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The reason for the 2nd petition

The Reason for the 2nd Petition. 27/11/16

Actually, it is not a petition; it is an official complaint to the Regional School Commission (RSC).

Here’s how it came about;

The 1st action on any challenge is to raise a complaint. Through facebook I asked the Parents’ group about making a group complaint to the school. This would have been to complaint about the action of the TRFA Trust in choosing Oasis as one of the 3 MATs putting in a bid.

At the demo, I spoke to one of the Councillor’s and the MP Jack Loprestti about this idea and the correct rout to follow. They said “forget the school’s complaints process and complain straight to the RSC”.

So I have! And I’ve posted the complaint to to collect as many signatures as possible to give it extra weight.

At the bottom it is linked it to the first petition– which was to raise awareness of our plight – and it certainly has – over 1600 signature is amazing! Well done Emily and the communications team, this really is amazing in less than a week!

If this complaint can get 1600 signatures as well, then surely the RSC cannot ignore us?

So – this “2nd petition / official complaint” is an actual action – a complaint – to the RSC to say that we do not want Oasis in our schools because of their religious nature.

I’m not against any faith – I think that to have a faith in your life is a wonderful thing, I have spiritual beliefs of my own and try to live a good life – and looking at some of the work Oasis do with housing, overseas etc., they obviously do some good things. BUT – and it’s a BIG BUT

My objection is that;

  1. Parents and pupils have not been given any information about Oasis and it’s faith activities in schools
  2. I did not sign up to send my kids to a school with a religious approach (this one is really big for me personally). If I wanted to send my children to a faith school I would have done.
  3. I do not want a church on WIA premises. Or at Yate. Or in Woodlands Primary. We have quite a few churches in the area already. More churches than secondary schools anyway!
  4. I am not comfortable with a fully-paid up Chaplain on school premises.
  5. And Oasis are using a legal loophole to operate in the way that they do (see below)

Even if you think it’s a good idea to include Christianity in the day-to-day education of your children, you should still think about signing this complaint, because it will help to stop Oasis.

And that is what we are all united in trying to do.



Legal Loophole – When is a faith school not a faith school?

This is one you won’t find in a Christmas cracker this year – but you probably should!

Oasis has used a loop hole in the law to be a faith school but without being a faith school! The reason for this is that they accept all pupils – and do not prioritise Christian families – like a Catholic or CofE school would do.

This is probably why Claire Emery was able to say it “doesn’t matter” that Oasis has churches and chaplains on schools premises. And keep a straight face!

Well, I think it does matter! And I’d be prepared to argue this case all the way to the High Court if necessary.

The first stage of any official challenge is to use the complaints process.

So, if you want to KEEP OASIS OUT please sign and share this “2nd petition”/ COMPLAINT.

And if you’d like anymore explanation of anything raised here, please do contact me;

Facebook message Susie Wilkinson


Phone; 07868 637637

In the meantime, look at some of the Oasis Academy schools’ websites;

This one is in Shirehampton and is part of the North Bristol Hub.

Chaplains are not volunteers! I have seen job adverts for Chaplains paying £26,000 per year.

.. visible presence…. taking assemblies, ‘hanging out’ with students in our school corridors, canteens and playgrounds, one to one mentoring sessions, home visits, practical work projects through the ‘Noise’, taking part in lessons, storytelling and food collections.

I’m sorry, but if that’s not a faith school, I’ll eat my hat!

We would probably be joining the North Bristol Hub – unless of course, Oasis create a new South Gloucestershire Hub – with our schools!! I’ll put money on that happening if Oasis get in….


Please sign and share the 2nd petition

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